Information security system certification of an information system is a prerequisite for the functioning of systems that are engineered to process, store and provide information of restricted data and is carried out in cases of information security systems (hereinafter - ISS) engineering, processing the protected information technology changes, technical measures changes and, if it is necessary, to extend the previously obtained certificate.

Information security system certification stipulates a set of organizational and technical measures with documentary confirmation of the system's compliance with the requirements of the legislation, in particular, the Decree of the Operative Analytical Center under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 66 dated February 20, 2020. Certification can be carried out by the business owner, but it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

CJSC "BELTIM SB" has all the necessary permissions to carry out this kind of work and many years of positive experience which is confirmed by a large number of successfully implemented projects and organizations that have successfully passed certification or recertification of the information security system.

During the provision of services for the information security system certification, the following works will be carried out:

  • a comprehensive assessment of the system in real operating conditions followed by testing is carried out;
  • certification program and methodology development;
  • correspondence of the real composition and structure of the objects of the information system to the general scheme of information security establishing;
  • information system typing correctness, information security tools election and application, documentation analysis for compliance with the requirements of the legislation, functions correct distribution for the organization personnel and ensuring the protection of information was carried out.

After work completion, the customer will be provided with a set of documents containing a Technical Report, a Test Report, as well as a Conformity Certificate confirming the successful completion of the certification of your company's information security system for a period of 5 years. If during the certification deficiencies in the information protection system are revealed, speciasts of our company will eliminate them at the same time and these deficiencies will not have a negative impact on the certification process itself and will allow it to be met in the shortest possible time.

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