The basis of any human activity is its information support. Information is becoming the main means of solving problems and tasks of the state, political parties, commercial structures and individuals. As the acquisition of information becomes more and more expensive, the sphere of obtaining it in a cheaper but illegal way is expanding. In addition, illegally obtained information can be used as a commodity for resale to interested persons and organizations. And finally, extra confidential information can be used by criminal structures for blackmail as well as the preparation and implementation of various crimes. The above circumstances are facilitated by the shortcomings of the legal framework for the information and intellectual property protection which allow intruders to avoid serious punishment for their illegal actions, as well as the existence of a market for various technical means for the illegal acquisition of information.

All areas of activity are constantly influenced by many external and internal factors, unfortunately not always positive. Information is one of such key factors since all economic processes (one way or another) find an informative display. While possessing the information you can achieve serious economic success, take possession of material or financial resources or ruin a competitor.


Information is a commodity. It can be bought or sold. Therefore the information must be protected as much as like any value.

In connection with these circumstances, the relevance of the tasks of protecting information in all spheres of human activity is constantly increasing: in public service, in business, in scientific activity, and even in personal life. The constant rivalry between the methods and the means of obtaining and protecting information that implement them has led to the appearance on the market of such a large number of different information protection services and technical information security devices that the problem arose of their rational choice and application for specific conditions.

Our main task is to determine the places of probable occurrence of problems, develop and implement a set of measures to prevent negative trends, while working out the most optimal solution based on the capabilities and needs of the client.

Our company provides a full range of consulting services - from risk analysis in the information system to the design, implementation and maintenance of complex information security systems.

We offer professional, well-balanced information security solutions. We have at our disposal proven methods and the necessary tools for performing consulting work. We are pleased to offer our help and our services.

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