CJSC "BELTIM SB" is ready to provide services for the integrated security system engineering for your company on a turnkey basis.

What is Comprehensive Information Protection? This is a set of organizational, engineering and technical measures aimed for protecting your business from disclosure and information leakage, unauthorized access (both to the information itself and to the territory of the security facility).

Comprehensive protection means both the protection of the object itself (territory, building, separate rooms) and the protection of the information infrastructure. All activities are aimed for detecting, defeating and eliminating of all types of threats. The set of measures to protect information includes the regulation of the activities of both the whole organization and its employees as well as a set of technical means that imply the use of secure connections, encryption tools, access control and management systems, fire and security alarms, etc.


As part of a comprehensive protection system engineering for your business, the specialists of our company will carry out:

  • all necessary policies and regulations development;
  • design, installation, setup and launching of security systems including fire and security alarms, access control and management, CCTV monitoring;
  • information security system design, engineering and certification (if it is necessary ) and implementation of software necessary for this system;
  • technical and information support for all system users;
  • training of your employees to work with established information security tools and instructing in compliance with regulations and policies aimed for information protection.

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