The assessment of the protection against verbal information leakage through the acoustic channel consists in determining the sound insulation coefficients of its enclosure structures (walls, floor, ceiling, windows, doors, etc.) in octave frequency bands with geometric mean frequencies in accordance with certain parameters and the subsequent comparison of the obtained coefficients with their standard values.

Such accomodation security assessment can be carried out during the accomodation certification to check for compliance with the security requirements during the planned periodic control of the accomodation security as well as after the repair and reconstruction.

Our company specialists will help you to conduct an independent assessment of information security against leakage through vibroacoustic and acoustic channels. As a result, you will receive documented recommendations for eliminating deficiencies in information protection.

Based on these recommendations, you can independently eliminate the identified deficiencies or use the services of CJSC "BELTIM SB" in solving these problems. Our company has extensive practical experience in the implementation of work on information security systems engineering for various purposes, proven methods, qualified employees and professional installers to perform the entire range of work on the engineering and certification of the security system of an information object.

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