Equipment analysis services

Our company is ready to provide a full range of services related to 3D modeling based on 3D scanning data, including processing the results, editing polygonal models and creating accurate surface and solid parametric models with the subsequent development of engineering documentation for the implementation of modeling components in production.

Our Advantages

A unique set of licenses, certificates and references allows us to provide a full cycle of services to create turnkey security systems.

Длительное существование на рынке и обширный практический опыт позволяют максимально учитывать потребности и специфику КАЖДОГО клиента и предлагать оптимальный комплекс работ и услуг.

Большая база партнеров, поставщиков и долгосрочные налаженные отношения позволяют реализовывать проекты в кратчайшие сроки и с использованием наиболее подходящих клиенту решений.

Наличие собственного проектного отдела, способного осуществлять широкий комплекс лицензируемых видов деятельности.

Our company has been on the market since year 1996.

For almost 25 years of history, CJSC "BELTIM SB" has become one of the leaders in the market of security systems, offering a full range of products and services. Long-term practical experience of working with domestic and foreign companies in the field of integrated security and information protection systems allows the company to offer optimal solutions to address the customers problems regardless of the size of the business, ownership and territorial location.

Our company focuses on helping the public and private sectors. We are ready to offer a suitable solution for everyone who cares about the safety of their business and personal security. Among our clients are government authorities, companies of industrial, construction, energy, telecommunication, financial and healthcare sectors. Our company has experience in the markets of Asia, Africa and Europe. We are ready to assist foreign companies in entering the markets of other countries and promoting new promising products and technologies.

CJSC “BELTIM SB” is a team of professionals who can help in the distribution and promotion of advanced technologies and software solutions. We are confident that cooperation with our company will be beneficial in solving the problems facing your organization and will be an important step towards the success of your business.

We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!


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